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What are the requirements for Hajj and Umrah Visa?

Hajj Visas are issued from Mid Shawal until Dhul-Qa’dah of each year. The documents required for Hajj
Visa are:

  • Passport with at least 6 months validity and at least 2 empty pages.
  • One recent passport sized color photograph with a white background.
  • Complete application form.
  • In case of Mahram (male relative), the applicant must write complete details of his spouse and
  • children or any relative with whom he is travelling. Copy of marriage/birth certificates must also
  • be submitted along with any other documents.
  • All women are required to travel for Hajj with a Mahram. Proof of kinship must be submitted
  • with the application.
  • The applicant must be in possession of a non-refundable roundtrip ticket with confirmed
  • reservations.
  • Proof of vaccination.
  • Applicants who are not nationals of the country they are applying from should submit
  • documented proof of legal residence status.

Umrah can be performed at any time of the year. Following documents are required for Umrah.

  • Passport valid for at least six months from the date of submission of the application form.
  • Complete Umrah visa application form.
  • One recent passport sized color photograph with white background.
  • Women and children must be accompanied by a male relative. Proof of relationship must be
  • submitted along with the application.
  • If a woman is 45 years or older, she is allowed to go without a Mahram if she travels with an
  • organized group.
  • Vaccination certificate.
  • Umrah Visa is valid for 30 days only. This means that your departure date should be within two
  • weeks of the date of entry.

What is the best time for Umrah?

Unlike Hajj, Umrah can be performed at any time of the year from Rabi-ul-Awal till Eid-ul-Fitr. The most notable Umrah is in the months of Ramadhan when the rewards are equal to Hajj. Weather of Saudi Arabia is relatively hot all year long. The winter season is also warm so you can plan your Umrah trip accordingly.

What is the minimum age requirement for a Mahram?

Mahram (a male spouse or kin accompanying a lady who is below 45 years of age) must be of at least 18
years of legal age according to the laws for British Citizens.

What are the facilities for disabled pilgrims?

Hajj and Umrah are demanding both physically and financially. The Holy Quran makes it clear that only
those who are physically and financially able are under an obligation for performing Hajj and Umrah.
There are several disabled and old Muslims who wish to perform Hajj and Umrah and if adequate
preparations are made, they can fulfill their obligation. Some facilities like wheel chairs and special care
are available at certain points in Saudi Arabia but it is imperative that you contact us so that necessary
arrangements can be made. Read more here.

What is the Ihram and who should wear it?

The Ihram is a necessary part of Hajj and Umrah. Ihram for men consists of two pieces of white sheet.
The larger sheet should cover the body from naval to the ankles. Secure the Ihram with a belt or a piece
of the Ihram material. Drape the other sheet over the back and shoulders and wear a pair of sandals or
shoes which do not cover the ankles. Hear should not be covered and no underwear should be used.

Women are allowed to make Ihram in any dress they wish, as long as it complies with the Islamic
conditions of public dress for women. Women’s hand and face should be uncovered in Ihram.

The difference in ihram for ladies and gents is further explained here.

Children who have not reached puberty or toddlers do not require Ihram. However, if it is possible to
put on Ihram on a relatively mature child then their Ihram should be similar to the Ihram of an adult.
However there are some leniency regarding the rules for children. You can put undergarments on the
child and stitched cloth can also be used. But the children should be taught the restrictions of Ihram, but
if they do commit a violation, there is neither any penalty on the child nor the parents.

What are direct and non-stop flights?

Direct flights are flying direct to the destinations with a technical stopover for refuelling or any other
technical causes. You cannot change the planes or collect your luggage. Non-stop flights fly straight to
the destination without any stopovers.

Hajj and Umrah visa are available for which cities?

Hajj and Umrah visas are valid for Makkah, Medina and Jeddah only. Travellers with Hajj and Umrah visa
are allowed to travel between these three cities only. There is a new Umrah plus visa expected to start soon, but is not open yet.

Can I make a side trip before or after Umrah and Hajj?

Yes you can take a side trip before or after Hajj and Umrah and you can contact our customer
representatives about trip planning for multiple destinations. We can arrange side trips for almost all
cities of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and all other countries. There is possibility of adding halal holidays as well to the trips.

Can I travel on Business or Visit Visa to Jeddah?

Yes, pilgrims coming in for Hajj or Umrah can travel to Jeddah. Business or Visit visa passengers
travel mostly to Riyadh, but can also go to Jeddah. Visit and business visa allows passengers to travel all over Saudi Arabia but you cannot perform Hajj and Umrah.

Can I perform Hajj or Umrah on Business or Visit visa?

No, you must be in possession of a valid Umrah or Hajj visa to be allowed to perform Hajj or Umrah.

Can children accompany parents on Hajj and Umrah?

Children can accompany parents of Hajj and Umrah. When applying for a Hajj or Umrah Visa, you need
to include their passports and other documents. Call us for further details on age restrictions and how
many children can go for Hajj or Umrah with their parents.

When should I get my flights booked before the date of travel?

The visa authorization, processing, flight reservation takes some time to complete. Sometimes there
are too many applications and delays can cause difficulties. It is best to get all things done at least 3 to
4 weeks prior to the date of travelling. But you can do this according to your schedule or book well in
advance to avoid congestion.

How to ensure health and safety during my stay?

Makkah and Medina have the best security in the world, but during the Hajj and Umrah rituals you must
be vigilant because of the crowd. Important numbers include 999 for police, 998 for fire services, 997 for ambulance. Health should be a matter of concern for all pilgrims because of the physically demanding rituals of Hajj and Umrah. Consult your physician or contact our customer representatives for advice on vaccinations etc.

What should I drink and eat during my stay?

You can either drink bottled mineral water or drink from the water fountains available for drinking
throughout the holy sites. Use of boiled or sterilized water is not a must. Water from the holy Zamzam
well is always pure and safe. Always make sure to carry a water bottle with you at all times in order to
avoid dehydration during the hot summer days. Avoid eating exposed food. Make sure you eat cooked meat and fish. Fruits and vegetables are available in the markets.

Can I book a group Hajj or Umrah with you?

Yes, you can book your group and customized Hajj and Umrah with us. We provide exclusive services for groups and discounted packages as well.

Can I perform Umrah during Hajj season?

Yes you can perform Umrah before and after performing Hajj. A Hajj visa enables you to perform Hajj
and Umrah as many number of times you like.

Why should I book with you?

We are authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agents. We have pre-reserved seats with several airlines like
BA, Saudi, British Midlands, Etihad, Turkish, Qatar and others. All our flights are ATOL protected as well.

Can I book hotel, accommodation and get visa on my own?

No unfortunately you cannot. The new Saudi Arabian rules and regulations state that every pilgrim
MUST book their Hajj and Umrah package with an authorized Hajj and Umrah agent. Visa must also be
applied through the same agent. Call us for further details.

If you have any other queries then don’t hesitate to contact us for details. Our standby customer service staff will be able to assist you with all your questions.

What kind of accommodation should I book?

For Hajj and Umrah there are different types of packages available that suit all pocket sizes. 2 Star to 5
Star luxury accommodations can be booked in Makkah and Medina. All pilgrims prefer accommodation
which is near the Masjid-al-Haram and Masjid-un-Nabwi. We offer the best possible accommodation
keeping in mind the comfort of our clients. To avoid congestion during the Hajj and Umrah season,
always make sure you book well in advance. Also please expect a lower standard of hotels by UK standards. A 3 Star in Saudi may not be as good as its counterpart in UK.

How do I move around in Makkah and Medina?

For your Hajj and Umrah rituals we will book your transportation in Makkah and Medina. If you want to do it yourself, the first leg Jeddah to Makkah or Madinah to Madinah hotel is still compulsory.

Can I book Umrah visa only?

Yes, but it is getting increasingly difficult. Please see more details on this page. Contact us for most updated scenario.

Can I book hotels and transfers and flights myself?

Yes, but it has its obvious bad affects. See this post on disadvantages of a DIY approach.

Is Meningitis ACW & Y certificate compulsory for umrah visa now?

Yes, as of 22nd January 2015. Read more details on this page.

What is the latest Zam Zam baggage Allowance?

You can only carry 5 liters since hajj 2014. If you want to read more, please check this post.

Which Saudi sim should I buy, once I land in KSA?

Find some amazing details here.

I am a single lady under 45 travelling for umrah. My mahram is in a different country, can I still go?

Fortunately, Yes. Please read our step by step guide here.

Is my umrah visa guaranteed? 

We would like to clarify to you that the umrah visa procedures and requirements may change at any time with or without notice by Saudi Government. The amount charged from you is only against our  services of applying for your umrah visa. We are unable to guarantee to obtain Umrah visa and consequently, accept no liability whatsoever for not obtaining Umrah visa with or without reasons. We reserve the right to claim any associated costs incurred as a result of not obtaining Umrah visa. In this case, we bear the cost of package, hotel and ticket cancellation fees and refunds the full package cost to the client except for the deposit payment. We are also not liable for any delay, misplace or loss of passport during processing and obtaining Umrah visa from relevant Embassy or Consulate of Saudi Arabia.

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