Respect of Ka’aba

Respect of Kaaba

Ka’aba, the sacred house of Allah, is undoubtedly the most respectable and honorable place on earth for every Muslim. It is located inside Masjid al Haraam in Makkah. It is regarded as the Qiblah of Muslims and they face it when offering prayers five times a day. Every Muslim is obliged to show respect towards the Holy House of Allah as it is the most blessed place on earth.

The sanctified building is covered in expensive cloth with gold and silver embroidery and Quran Ayahs written on it with silver thread. It is believed that the divine building is covered to show the dignity and respect of this house. The cloth of the sacred house is changed every year so that the beauty of the building remains intact. Before putting the new cloth, the holy Ka’aba is washed, not with ordinary water but with the water from the blessed well of Zamzam.

Considering the fact that the Ka’aba holds great prestige and glory, not everyone is allowed to enter this blissful house. Only a very few people including the guardians of the sacred house are allowed to enter it. Ulmaah from different parts of the world go inside the holy house for offering prayer but this requires a special pass. Other Muslims can touch it and offer prayers in front of it to show their great love and gratitude for the Ka’aba.

Muslims must not show disrespect for the house of Allah in any way. It is prohibited to sleep with your feet facing the direction of Ka’aba or to spit in that direction. Also the urinals and lavatory commodes must neither face nor have back towards Holy Ka’aba and when Muslims construct their houses, they always make sure of this.

There are no specific orders from Allah Almighty to respect the divine house but all Muslims do so to show their utmost level of love for the House of Allah. Most of the precautions are to make sure that we are not disrespectful to the Ka’aba in any way. However, Allah surely knows what lies in the hearts of His believers.