Hajj and Umrah for disabled pilgrims

Hajj and Umrah for disabled pilgrims

Hajj and Umrah are physically demanding and should be done only by those who meet the physical and financial requirements. The Holy Quran clearly states that Hajj is obligatory to only those who are physically and financially able. Umrah is similar to Hajj and poses a lot of physical challenges. Many Muslims have some physical or medical disability but still wish to perform Hajj and Umrah. If adequate preparations are made they can fulfill their religious obligation. These preparations can be discussed with us before the booking so that we can notify the local handlers about the requirements of the pilgrim.

At the airport there are several facilities for the disabled. The Hajj and Umrah flights land at the Jeddah and Medina airport and all kinds of necessary arrangements like wheel chairs, escalators and ramps are available so that the disabled pilgrims can move about easily. All these facilities are free of charge but your travel agent should notify the airport management about your needs. Wheel chair assistance can also be requested to the airline and they are happy to provide wheelchair assistance on the basis of passengers mobility, starting from passenger can walk to the seat to “passenger needs to be lifted to the seat”.

Local transport of all kinds is available in Makkah and Medina during the Hajj and Umrah season. Buses are not equipped to handle wheel chairs. Disabled pilgrims must ensure that their travel agents have made arrangements with private transportation and taxi firms in Makkah and Medina so that they can properly be dealt with. Making necessary arrangements in advance will ensure that the disabled pilgrims can perform their religious duty with full concentration.

Accommodation during Hajj and Umrah is usually at hotels. Hotels in general are equipped for the disabled with lifts and wheel chairs. Certain hotels can also be requested to provide passenger with rooms that have toilets designed specially for the special people. It is also recommended that the hotels you choose when accompanied by a special person is as close to the Haramain as possible. This will save you loads of time and effort during your visits to the hotel. The Grand Mosque in Makkah is well equipped for the disabled. It has escalators and ramps to enable wheel chairs to move easily from one level to another. Wheel chairs are provided free of charge and can be acquired from the management at any time. If the pilgrim is accompanied by someone to push the wheel chair then it is good otherwise you can ask someone to push your wheel chair, the pusher may charge for his service. Although wheelchair is easily available as stated above, it is best to take a fold-able one with you right from home. This will save you time looking for one or requesting for one.

It is the wish of every Muslim whether disabled or not, to perform Hajj and Umrah. Some people can bear the financial cost of Hajj but are unable to meet the physical requirements. These people can also appoint someone else who is physically fit to perform Hajj in their place. This facility is provided to the Muslims by Allah (SWT) so that every Muslim can perform their obligation. If a disabled Muslim still wishes to perform Hajj and Umrah, they can do so by making prior arrangements with their travel agents.

We as an agent specialize in making these arrangements on the basis of individual and family circumstances. Please let us know the details of disability of the passenger and leave the rest to us.

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