As we write these lines, Umrah visa for December 2013 and 2014 is open in United Kingdom.

In light of the changing rules for Umrah and as a result of the expansion of Haram Shareef, there are certain things that applicants need to keep in mind.

  1. This year, in concurrence with the Ministry of Hajj decisions last year, Umrah visa will be valid for 14 days only. To stay on the safe side you should book a maximum of 13 days. this setting is valid for Ramadan and before Ramadan as well. You will not be able to stay for longer than this period in Ramadan as well.
  2. Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months on the date of travel.
  3. If you are on any other visa besides “indefinite leave to remain” , your visa should also be valid for six months before departure.
  4. Due to expansion in Haram, quite a few of pilgrims’ favorite hotels have either been demolished or have been ear marked for demolition. So check well in advance with your agent as to what hotels might or might not be available.
  5. If you are planning to book in December, please make sure that you will get a visa in time and then get your tickets issued. We are booking 21st of December as the first date of travel. However, there are exceptions to the rule and this date will slide forward as the days go by. So please check with us before sending passports.
  6. Umrah plus visa or Tourism visa has also been introduced as of last year, due to which you can enjoy Kingdom of Saudi Arabia beyond Makkah, Madinah and Jeddah as well. So if you are planning to see other places in Saudi, or want to see or stay with relatives in Saudi Arabia, you will now be facilitated. However, news is that, this has not been fully implemented. Please ask us for more details.
  7. If you want to go  with a group, we have dates in the whole of 2014 and also in school holidays in December. Book now to ensure you get visa in time.

Please call us at 0203 743 8188 for more details or email us at for further information. You can also fill out a query form here. Umrah is also possible in December 2014 and we are taking bookings now. For more advice on that, please see this latest post.