As the age of information technology begins to spread into each and every part of our lives, a positive use of this new strength human beings have invented to guide, protect and empower our Umrah seems to become more and more a necessity. With just a smartphone and an internet connection, which is becoming fairly common everywhere we can move around, in uncharted lands, explore and make the best of our Umrah. The power of just knowing where to go, what to do where best to eat or get help in case of an emergency makes the Umrah goer of today an informed, clicking and swiping believer in Allah.

The following are the recommended smartphone applications one should have on your phone so that they can help the Umrah goer in the time of need.

St John Ambulance First Aid

available at the Apple Store and Google Play

The Umrah Pilgrimage is a human event. Sometimes human beings forget that they are fragile creatures. One should remain on the guard and not put oneself at risk or in danger just because one might be able to perform Umrah rites quickly or at a better vantage point. The rules are put in place to facilitate the Umrah goer, with minimal risk. Crowd control is an entire study, and models are constructed before the actual building is planned applying laws of fluid dynamics and Gaussian stochastic processes. Stick to the rules. However, in the case you or your family and friends have been in an accident and feel any pains or aches or choking and do not have an immediate access to medical aid, use this application to assist yourself or your loved ones while actual medical attention makes way to you. The application shows how to assist someone breath in case of an asthma attack, choking incident, burns, head injury, resuscitation or dehydration or hyperthermia. This application is not useful until it is, so download it now.

Hajj & Umrah by Darussalam

available at the Apple Store and Google Play

Knowing what you should be doing on an Umrah is key. While we suggest one should read up on the process of Umrah before going, sometimes the first time Umrah goer might get confused. Keeping this app in the smartphone can help the pilgrim catch up or clarify a ritual or a rite. Furthermore, it can enhance the knowledge of the reader and clarify the reader on topics that he was at first mistaken about. Most other applications transpire to address their audience who can either read Urdu or Arabic or Farsi, but this application is purely English, which is better for the British Muslims who have spent all their lives communicating in English.

Dua in Quran by Badr Interactive

available at the Apple Store and Google Play

Being there, right in front of the Ka’abah the pilgrim will understand when We say that there are no words to explain the sheer amount of blessings falling down from the Heavens on to the Haram all around. It is quite literally the most spiritual place on earth. You can feel Allah writing blank cheques for everyone present in His Grace, but what if you are not able to convey to him what your dua, desires or feelings are. As the Prophet of Allah (SAW) once said, “Dua is the essence of prayer” [Bukhari (Hadith 7239)], and without the essence, a worship is generic, not personal. Learn Dua from the application, and use them as a weapon to dissuade Shaytan, to find peace and Happiness, to ask for forgiveness for past sins and to ask for being in the good favours of Allah.

Quran Companion by Quran Academy

available at the Apple Store and Google Play

This is a great memorization tool to embrace the Quran and affix it into your memory. Learn and amass surahs, ayahs and dua in your heart so that when those special moments arrive, when you feel Allah most close to you, you can ask him the way He wants us to ask without swiping, flipping or scrolling something. This application can be used for not only adults but children who have the inclination of knowing more about their culture and religion. The application has dynamic multi-sensory learning techniques that keep your brain on its toes, and open to absorb more in less time.

Uber By Uber Technologies

available at the Apple Store and Google Play

If the reader has not been living under a rock for the past few years, Uber is not a name that requires any introduction. Uber’s transport network has now spanned across the world to serve even the steps outside of the Masjid-e-Haram in Makah. While major transports are covered in your packages, small taxi rides are also needed to move through the city. Using a familiar service, with a familiar name would also ease your nerves, as you would already know how the system works.

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