Whereas it may sound a little strange to a new person at first, ladies, and hence the whole family can have a much better experience by choosing the right hotels in Medinah. As there are no separate entrances to the haram, defined in Makkah, it does not matter a lot and the preferences, as such may be more family oriented than specific to ladies.

In Medinah however, ladies have separate entrances and gates to enter Masjid Nabwi and the entrance to the Roza Rasool SAW is also segregated. This makes hotels close to these gates much more lucrative a choice for ladies. What’s more, the gates can also be used to access Masjid Nabwi by other (male) members of the family as well. This adds to the comfort of the rest of the family as well, as they don’t have to walk long distances, just to accompany ladies. In certain cases, it becomes so impractical that ladies have to go alone thinking of the trouble they will put the family in. If you are going for a very short stay, that might not sound much problematic. However, for longer durations of stay, it can become really cumbersome to repeat the routine.


First of all lets start with a small list of hotels to the ladies side. The following hotels (although this is not an all-inclusive list) are close to the gates 25 and 26 mostly, that have the best access for ladies:


  1. Elaf Taiba
  2. Anwar al-Medina Movenpick
  3. Al Eiman Al Manar
  4. Medina Hilton
  5. Dar Al Taqwa
  6. Elaf Majeedi Suites
  7. Dar Al Eiman Intercontinental
  8. Shaza Medina
  9. Oberoi Medina
  10. Dalla Taiba
  11. Millenium Al Aqeeq
  12. Grand Mercure Majlis
  13. Al Ansar Golden
  14. Al Eiman Taiba
  15. Saja Medina
  16. Al Eiman Royal
  17. Dar Al Naeem
  18. Zowar International
  19. Dar Al Hijra Intercontinental
  20. Luxurious Al Rawda Suites
  21. Al Haram Hotel
  22. Al Medinah Harmony

So the next time you are looking to book a hotel in Medinah, opt for one of the above and you are sure to save a lot of time and hassle. Please feel free to get in touch with us by asking about any other hotels or if you have been to Medinah, you can also add to the list.