The Makkah Traffic Police are intensifying inspections to ascertain that Umrah visitors could feel comfortable in the Holy City, especially on weekends. The traffic violations cannot be allowed as they are affecting the Umrah pilgrims to a great deal. Recently 20 motorcyclists were arrested, and 1989 drivers were penalized on their violations on a single day. This is to ensure that everything goes well, and there shouldn’t be any issue for the Umrah pilgrims and the visitors.

In the past, there were few cases reported in which the Umrah visitors got harmed due to violation of transports. It causes great unrest in the city and the local city government is working all hands to improve the conditions.Dr. Ali Al Zahrani of Makkah Traffic Police has explained that on Saturday that they are intensifying the inspection in the Holy city and are closely monitoring all of the incoming routes, especially from Madinah in the directions of Al-Leith and Hajar besides the nearest flyover on Madinah road and is following the increased number of mishaps and accidents.

To improve these conditions they have imposed strict controls and will continue to monitor specially on weekends in order to ensure public’s safety and security. If strict controls are not put into place, there will be more chances of traffic laws violation within the city, and it could cause unrest in the entire city. Hence it is relatively mandatory that strict rules and regulations should be in place so that Hajj and Umrah visitors feel safe and secure.