The prime pilgrimage destination in Medina, Al Masjid Al Nabawi, was planned to undergo a majestic transformation. In the end of year 2013, The Gulf Kingdom proposed a project worth $6 billion to expand the Prophet’s Mosque. Comprehending the need of expansion, when the number of pilgrims fleeting to the Holy Land is growing every year, King Abdullah approved the master plan of the project in March 2014.

These rapid changes might come as a shock to some but as the project would advance, everyone is going to see the comforts that the pilgrims would gain from it. The contractors and laborers are occupied day and night, seeing their way towards to accomplishment of this huge undertaking. Hundreds of residential buildings and hotels within close radius of the site have been demolished to make room for the enlargement of the Mosque. Some of  these hotels will be reconstructed later after the completion of the project. A number of 3 and 4 star hotels are to be replaced by the 5 star hotels. In the coming 5 years, Medina needs to have about 500 hotels to handle the inflow of pilgrims.

The expansion plan has been in progression and the workers are keeping up the pace to finalize it within the proposed time. The highlights of the expansion borders not only around accommodating the rising number of pilgrims but also to enhance the facilities for them.  The project encompasses the construction of helipad for airlifting and transporting any patients to the hospitals; separate pedestrian pathways and new infrastructure of roads; 15,000 toilets and a tunnel for pedestrian movement. Garbage disposal system, pilgrim monitoring and security system would be deployed through modern technology and innovative construction systems.

Some of the most popular hotels being demolished are Al Eiman Royal and Al Haram hotel besides a total of twenty three others. Ishraq Al Madinah has already been demolished. It is also expected that these demolitions will be performed only after Hajj season is over. So practically, until you are booking an umrah package for December 2015 or anytime after, you should not worry about it.

It is only natural to be concerned about the availability of a budget-friendly hotel in the present circumstances. We provide personalized services to the intended pilgrims and ensure that your requirements are suitably met. We have shortlisted the alternative options in hotels to facilitate you as per your budget and preferences. Feel free to call or email your queries and we will take care of it for you.

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