It is a great step taken by the Um Al Qurah University established in Makah who has announced that to aid the pilgrims of hajj; the University will be opening a techno city.

Bakri Assas, the president of University council has made an offer to the Higher commission of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to establish the techno valley in the Makah and requested the Commission to approve a company for the project. Vice President of the university has stated the aim of the project to help the Transition in the economy of Kingdom to knowledge based economy.

Techno Valley aerial view“The project aims to help the pilgrims facilitating the communicational services as we are trying to develop technologies like communicational technologies and graphical information systems”, Koshak stated.

“Besides, we will be trying to collect the revenue for the state using the techno valley project by transforming technological improvements to commercial products. This step would ultimately also help the students of the University for finding the work and job in quick time”, he added.

Theuniversity has experienced members and student who are keen to transform the Kingdom to the technological Kingdom.The inspiration of university came from King Saud University who has set up a very similar project. KSU has established Abdullah institute for nanotechnology at Riyadh. The university is now having 100 research chairs funded by the institutions and individuals.