A senior official said in an interview that the Consulate of Saudi Arabia is receiving approximately 1,500 applications on a daily basis for Umrah Visas. So far in this season, the consulate of Saudi Arabia in Dubai has issued up to 37,000 visas for Umrah, a senior official highlighted that the consulate receives more or less 1,500 applications for performing Umrah on a daily basis.

The executive in charge of the Umrah visa permits, Hussain Rukn, said that the applications are filed by Umrah by Hajj tour operators in Dubai and in the Northern Emirates.

recent photo of Haram MakkahThere has been an enormous rush these days for Umrah permits; this is because of the school holidays. Though, most of the applications they are receiving have been from Asian inhabitants.

Hussain confirmed that the consulate is not turning down any application for Umrah Visa. All applications that are being received are forwarded to the Ministry of Hajj in Saudi Arabia for the final approval. Each one of the applications for the Umrah visas is being processed in no more than three minutes. Each one of the thirty two official Umrah tour operators there might only submit fifty applications each day.

Hussain pointed that the enduring extension and construction tasks at the sacred mosque in Makkah are having no impacts on the number of permits issued for Umrah.

Unlike those of Hajj, the Umrah applications, have not been decreased as the recent tour was rationalized number of years ago.