There is a great rush of visitors from all around the world in the recent Umrah season, revealed by the Saudi Authorities. Consequently, there seems to be an enormous traffic of public from all around the world; every request for Umrah Visa approval has been sent out to the concerned authorities for approval. Facilitation points are required to carefully inspect every request.

According to the authorities, there is great number of visitors applying for Umrah Visa on a daily basis, and the facilitation points are facilitating them in every possible manner. They are making all measures to facilitate guests of Allah and the requests will be entertained on a first come first served basis. Until an objection is put onto the status of any individual, none of the requests will be rejected.

Before the month of Ramadan, there will be a massive crowd reaching out to the Holy cities but the rush of public is manageable. During the month of Ramadan, the countries will be provided quota and unfortunately not all of the individuals will be granted the visas. Umrah is a sacred religious Ibadat and all of the Muslims of the world do like to perform Umrah from the core of their hearts. Saudi Government is providing good services to entertain the people to the maximum. They have setup facilitation points through embassies all around the world; so Muslim community can be facilitated worldwide.