Umrah is an ibadah that involves monetary contribution, time and effort on part of a pilgrim. It is a time you spare to go see Allah’s house and pay respects to the Prophet Sallalaho Alayhay Wasallam.

It is these traits, your sacrifice of time, money and bodily resources that makes it so special.

You submit to Allah fully.

Clad in two sets of unstitched cloth, your obedience and humbleness is reaching its peak.

And that is why…

That is Why Umrah is so powerful, so rewarding and so purifying.

When Allah SWT blesses you in return of all these sacrifices, the Barakat are endless.

So, Why Should you perform Umrah? Here are a few reasons.

Expiration of Sins:

Umrah is an expiation for the sins committed between it and another Umrah (Bukhari, Muslim).

Umrah cleanses your soul and purifies it of the rust it gains due to sins and errors. It is a great opportunity to beg forgiveness. Even in worldly matters, if someone comes to our home to say sorry, we accept it, out of respect that they have come to our house to say sorry. Allah SWT definitely observes that to a much higher degree. Forgiveness is a commodity, most likely to be found in Makkah and Medinah.

Reconnection to Allah:


In our busy lives, most of us forget to pray, read Quran-e-Kareem and do our daily tasbeehat. When we go for Umrah, it reconnects us with Allah SWT. When you go for Umrah, you say all five prayers in the most sacred places on earth, you recite Quran-e-Kareem and indulge in Tasbeehat. This reconnects the weakened bond of worship and mends your ways, not possible in routine lives. Many have been seen to pray and read the Quran regularly on return from Umrah.

A holiday of the Soul:

Holiday of the soul


So, you go for holidays around the world and your body and mind gets refreshed. But there is rarely anything for your soul in these holidays. Just like your body, your soul also needs a break. As prone, as we are, to sin, our soul gets rusty and buried under worldly and bodily desires. And which place is better to holiday than the sacred lands of Makkah and Medinah. Your mind and body will still have their break but, so will your soul.

There is something for the body as well:

Muslim Excercise

Not only does the soul get these benefits, don’t think there is nothing in it for the body. Normally when people go for Umrah, they are advised to start walking and exercising if possible, as Umrah is physically demanding as well. Even if you don’t, the more Umrah’s you do, the healthier you become. The Safa Marwa rounds, the Tawaf, the Ziyarah, they all keep you active and encourage more bodily activity.

As you are more focused on Ibadah in your days in Makkah and Medinah, you eat less and intake more Zam Zam and dates. The benefits of these two are immense and have been proven over ages. People who return from Umrah have repeatedly described these silent miracles.

Monetary Benefits:

Conventional wisdom and personal experiences also show that people who spend money on Umrah feel the Barakat in their Amwal for years to come. This is just like spending in Allah’s way and Allah SWT, no doubt return it to the spender many folds. Many have experienced going away of poverty and receiving rizq from places least expected after coming back from Umrah.

Meeting the wider Muslim Community:


There is no way, you can hope to meet so many people with such diverse cultures in one place around the world. Along with other benefits of Umrah, you experience the most inclusive and diverse cultural experience possible. There is no better opportunity to get to know the rest of the Muslim brethren, their ways, customs and the way they practice our sweet religion than, on an Umrah trip.

So, all in all, Umrah is a blessing that has diverse benefits. Not only should you perform Umrah yourself but also encourage others in the family to do the same as well, should you see them worried financially, physically, emotionally or challenged in any other way, recommend them to spend money, time and effort into an Umrah and you will see them Insha Allah come out of it very soon.

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