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Posted on Apr 9, 2015 in Advice

Tips for Umrah passengers from Manchester

Tips for Umrah passengers from Manchester

For passengers flying from Manchester, there are a few things; they should keep in mind when booking umrah packages.

  1. Always try and book Saudi airlines, which is not only the cheapest normally, but is also the only direct flight from Manchester to Jeddah. Saudi Airlines has four weekly flights from Manchester on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday. The schedule can change, so you can contact us for the latest.
  2. Other flight options are Emirates, Turkish, Lufthansa, Air France and British Airways, which flies direct via Heathrow.
  3. Also check if there are any cheaper options available from London Heathrow, as that might work out more reasonable, especially when travelling as a family. When you travel alone, you bear the cost of the taxi or driving to Heathrow alone. When in a family, the cost is divided and almost negligible.
  4. You can take a train, bus or go by plane to London Heathrow, if you are taking a flight from Heathrow to Jeddah.
    1. Train: Quite a few options.
    2. Car: You can drive through M6 and M40.
    3. By Air: You can travel by air as well. There are around 9 flights daily with BA, from Manchester to Heathrow. So you can choose a suitable flight, if you are close to Manchester airport and find a more reasonable deal from Heathrow.
  5. Change into Ihram from the airport itself, if you are travelling on a direct flight. You can do that on the layover airport, as well if you are using an indirect flight. Regular toilets at manchester airport can be used for the same. You can also use the disabled toilets, as they have more space.
  6. In case you are wondering, Manchester airport has multi faith prayer rooms that indicate Kaaba direction and are open 24 hours a day. They also have a specific timing for Friday prayer, which are held in terminal 3 prayer rooms. Wudu facilities are available before and after security at terminal 2 and 3.
  7. Once, you are in Saudi, don’t forget to call your agent and give them your Saudi sim number. This makes it easier for them to inform you in case of any changes in airline schedules or anything else of importance.
  8. Pack lightly, if you are a small family and booking a saloon car for transfers. If you plan on carrying more, always ask for a vehicle upgrade. Shop wisely as well. Regarding Zam Zam water, be sure to read the latest rules and buy it from the airport on return, instead of carrying it with you all along.
  9. When comparing packages, please ask all agents to send you all the details in writing and compare duration, accommodation and then prices. Remember, there is always a lot between the lines. If someone says transfers included, ask them for more information in writing, as to what segments are included.
  10. Make sure you book with an ATOL protected agent. Flights and packages booked on your own, do not entitle you to ATOL cover. When you book with one agent, you can point a finger at them, when anything goes wrong.

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