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Posted on Aug 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

Advice for December 2014 Umrah

umrah visa december 2014


School Holidays in 2014 will be starting from 22nd December and will be there till 4th January 2014.  However since the 22nd December is falling on a Monday, these holidays will effectively start from Saturday, 20th of December. Umrah visa is expected to open according to certain sources in the last week of November this year. It has been possible for the first time to go for Umarh in December holidays. For this reason, there are lots of families intending to go in this period of time and hence it is already difficult to get a decent fare for holiday dates.

Right now, the dates for which we are getting maximum number of queries though, is from 21st December for 10/14 days. It must be noted that, as the construction in Mataf area is expected to continue in 2015 as well, and the Saudi government is considering applying a visa quota system that will be directly proportional to the capacity in the holy mosque. These settings are not likely to affect early booking in December 2014 upto April next year Insha Allah. But, it is advised to plan very carefully for Shaban and Ramdan next year.

One of the question we get asked very frequently or whose feel we get from customers is what’s the best time to book for Christmas holidays this year? Now the answer might sound like a trite from travel agents, but looking at fast changing flight prices even now, we feel, it will become extremely expensive from early September onwards and  intending pilgrims should not wait for November to book. However, if you are booking fro early December, don’t forget to ask your travel agent to book a changeable ticket (it might be a little more expensive though), but it will save you from at least loosing most, if not all of the money. It is also our recommendation to book travel insurance, as at this point in time, a definite date has not been announced yet.

As far as validity is concerned, it is expected to stay 30 days for entry and 15 days for exit. Maximum stay in Saudi will be 15 days like last couple of years and it will be strictly enforced, so please beware of agents trying to sell packages beyond 15 days. In case of any doubt or confusion, please visit official websites of Saudi Embassy in London or ring their visa section to confirm the latest rules.

For more information and latest on umrah visa regulations see our regularly updated information page here. You can also call us at 0203 743 8188 for any further details.

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