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Umrah Packages

Umrah Packages can be and are booked by agents across the world, but UK Hajj Umrah are special. As we think, you are special, for being the guests of Allah (SWT) for the few days we manage for you. We have the largest collection of Umrah packages in UK and have designed this site for you to exclusively benefit from the assortment of Umrah packages on display. We not only give you the best of price, we also promise you the best service standards in the industry.UK Hajj Umrah are a legacy of 8 years of experience, service and commitment known to never compromise on pilgrim interests.

Not only will we provide you with complete umrah packages, but we can also offer packages combining visa with flights, hotels transfers and any combination you can think of. With our exclusive umrah packages from around the UK, we can extend to you the most seamless services you can imagine. The prices are most competitive in comparison to all market players and we specially take pride in the value for money that we are.

Our staff is well trained and experienced and answer all your visa and packages related questions. Be it group or customized, we pride ourselves with any type of package that best suits your schedule and budget.

A brief of the umrah packages, we have on display, from different cities of UK, is as follows. Please note that duration and hotel selection along with other elements of the below packages are completely customizable:


London Umrah Package image

  1. Fly from London Gatwick/Heathrow and City Airports
  2. Use Saudi, BA, Lufthansa, Turkish, Emirates, Qatar, EgyptAir, Royal Jordanian, Gulf, Oman Air, Etihad, Middle East to fly to Jeddah or Medinah
  3. Full round ground transfers arrangements
  4. Umrah Visa
  5. 3 Star Dar Al Eiman Al Mohagreen Makkah/Al Eiman Ohud Medinah
  6. 4 Star Elaf Ajyad Makkah/Al Eiman Taiba Medinah
  7. 5 Star Royal Dar Al Eiman/5 Star Madinah Hilton

From £725 pp


Birmingham Umrah Package

  1. Flight options with Air France, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines and Emirates
  2. Connection options available through London airports
  3. Full round transfers from Jeddah to Makkah to Medinah to Jeddah
  4. Umrah Visa
  5. Also suitable for Bristol, Cardiff, Gloucester, Exeter, Bournemouth, Nottingham pilgrims
  6. 3 Star Dar Al Eiman Al Mohajireen Makkah/Dar Al Eiman Al Nour Medinah
  7. 4 Star Dar Al Eiman Ajyad Makkah/Dar Al Eiman Al Qebla Medinah
  8. 5 Star Swissotel Makkah/5 Star Grand Mercure Majlis Medinah

From £795 pp


Manchester Umrah Package

  1. Fly direct with Saudi or indirect with Air France, Lufthansa, Emirates & Turkish Airlines
  2. Suitable for passengers from Bolton as well.
  3. Connection options available through London airports
  4. Complete transfers from Jeddah to Makkah to Medinah to Jeddah
  5. Inexpensive Umrah visa Service
  6. 3 Star Dar Al Eiman Al Khalil Makkah/Al Waha Al Rawda Medinah
  7. 4 Star Elaf Ajyad Makkah/Al Eiman Taiba Medinah
  8. 5 Star Zam Zam Makkah/5 Star Leader Al Muna Kareem Medinah

From £775 pp


Leeds Umrah

  1. Fly with a variety of airlines through London and Manchester including BA
  2. Full round ground transfers arrangements with latest fleet
  3. Visa for umrah
  4. 3 Star Dar Al Eiman Al Zahabi Makkah/Diyar Magd Al Salam Medinah
  5. 4 Star Elaf Ajyad Makkah/Elaf Taiba Medina
  6. 5 Star Royal Dar Al Eiman Makkah/5 Star Al Eiman Royal Medinah

From £875 pp


  1. Enjoy variuos flying options from Belfast International via Heathrow to Jeddah
  2. Seamless transfers from Jeddah-Makkah-Medinah-Jeddah
  3. Umrah Visa assistance
  4. 3 Star Fajar Al Badae-5 Makkah/Moltaqa Al Zowar Medinah
  5. 4 Star Dar Al Eiman Al Andalous Makkah/Al Saliyiah golden Medinah
  6. 5 Star Movenpick Hajar Tower Makkah/5 Star Al Rawdah Royal Inn Medinah

From £885 pp


Package 6 image

  1. Best airport in Scotland for Umrah. Air France, Etihad and Turkish options
  2. Integrated full round transfers in Saudi Arabia
  3. Umrah Visa Service
  4. 3 Star Jandariyah Makkah/Dyar Magd Al Salam Medinah
  5. 4 Star Dar Al Eiman Ajyad Makkah/Nozol Royal Inn Medinah
  6. 5 Star Al Marwa Rayhaan Rotana Makkah/5 Star Al Nokbah Royal Inn Medinah

From £885 pp


Package 5 image

  1. One stop flights with Emirates airlines or multiple two stop options
  2. Transfers from airport to hotel to airport (full round)
  3. Visa application on your behalf
  4. 3 Star Dar Al Eiman Al Mohajreen/Deyar Al Salam Al Fedi Medinah
  5. 4 Star Nawazi Wahteer Makkah/Al Eiman Taibah Medinah
  6. 5 Star Al Safwah Royal Orchid Makkah/5 Star Dar Al Eiman Intercontinental Medinah

From £885 pp

Customized Umrah Packages


Flights iconground transfersvisa applicationhotels booking

»Flexibility to use any dates

»3/4/5 Star Hotels close to Haram

»Great variety of hotels to choose from

»Personalized Transfers


»Umrah Visa

»Travel possible from around UK

»Meet & Assist at Makkah and Madinah

»Side trips to your home country

» Possible stop overs in Muslim friendly destinations

These umrah packages are most suitable for you when you are travelling with family. Starting from two to large groups of any number of people, we have the expertise to present to you these customized packages. We guarantee that the price will be cheaper than any group fares you have had. So why use a bus for transfers, when we can offer you a saloon car. Why go with thirty other people, when you can get customized service. Why follows others’ plans, when you can do it on your schedule. The level of personalized service, we offer is superb and you will be able to concentrate on your Umrah instead of being involved in the nitty gritty of day to day arrangements. Booking with us will give you the peace of mind that everything is neatly stitched.

Some of our sample customized packages are given below:

10 Nights Umrah Package 5 Star

Package 1


  1. Return Scheduled Flights
  2. 5 Nights Stay in Makkah in Anjum Makkah
  3. 5 Nights Stay in Medinah in Crowne Plaza Medinah
  4. Umrah Visa aquisition
  5. Jeddah to Makkah Transfers


From £795 pp

10 Nights Umrah Package 4 Star

Package 4


  1. UK-Jed-UK Return Flights
  2. 5 Nights Stay in Makkah Elaf Ajyad or Similar
  3. 5 Nights Stay in Dar Al Eiman Grand Medinah or Similar
  4. Umrah Visa application
  5. Jeddah Airport to Makkah Hotel first transfer


From £650 pp

10 Nights Umrah Package 3 Star

Package 7


  1. Return Scheduled Flights from United Kingdom to KSA
  2. 5 Nights Stay in Makkah Dar Al Eiman Al Zahabi or Similar
  3. 5 Nights Stay in Medinah Dar Al Eiman Al Nour or Similar
  4. Umrah Visa processing
  5. Jed-Mak first Transfers


From £595 pp

14 Nights Umrah Package 5 Star

Package 2 image


  1. Return Scheduled Flights
  2. 6 Nights Stay in Makkah Makkah Hilton
  3. 8 Nights Stay in Medinah Millennium Al Aqeeq ; 40 prayers in Medinah
  4. Umrah Visa aquisition
  5. Jeddah-Makkah Transfers


From £895 pp

14 Nights Umrah Package 4 Star

Package 5 image


  1. Return Flights Direct/Indirect
  2. 7 Nights in Makkah Hotel Dar Al Eiman Ajyad or Similar
  3. 7 Nights Stay in Al Eiman Al Qibla Medinah
  4. Umrah Visa application on your behalf
  5. Jed-Mak first Transport


From £695 pp

14 Nights Umrah Package 3 Star

Package 6 image


  1. Return Scheduled Flights from UK to Saudi
  2. 7 Nights Stay in Makkah Dar Al Eiman Al Mohajireen
  3. 7 Nights Hotel Stay in Medinah Al Waha Al Rawdah
  4. Umrah Visa application
  5. Jed-Mak Transfers


From £575 pp

Group Umrah Packages


hotels reservationguides for the umrah tripfull round transportumrah visa processingumrah flights

»Biggest variety of dates in UK covering all holidays including December, Easter and February/May half terms

»Best for first timers and lone goers

»Qualified Umrah Guide


»Collective transfers saving cost

»Reasonable Accommodation close to Haram

»Umrah Visa

»Direct Flights on British Airways and Saudi Airlines

»Indirect Flights on Royal Jordanian, Gulf and Middle East Airlines

»Scholars accompanying certain groups that can speak both English and Arabic.

»Meet & Assist at Makkah and Madinah

»Umrah Packages also available with Al Aqsa

There are instance, when you can not travel on a customized routine and you have to go in a group. These include going alone, ladies above forty five years of age, who can go without a mahram, but have to travel with an organized group. In these cases and even otherwise, if your preference is a group package, we can give you these amazing group fares. We have flight blocks for the whole year, that enable us to sell the groups at cheapest of prices for large families and groups.


Umrah Flights


flights booking

»All the airlines’ special fares for flights to Jeddah and Madinah

»Flights from all airports of UK

If you want to book flights alone, you can do that as well with us. From one person to large groups, we have all fares for everyone. We have the largest collection of Umrah flights blocks on British Airways, Saudi Airlines, Etihad, Emirates, EgyptAir, Royal Jordanian and Middle East airlines.

Umrah Visa


umrah visa

»Umrah Visa with minimum hassle

»Reasonable MOFA charges

»Urgent Service available

We have a network of partner companies in UK and depending on when you are flying, we can arrange a Visa for you. All we need is your flight and hotel details.

All the above packages are available in different duration and hotels can be mixed and matched. So feel free to drop us a line or fill our query form and we will be happy to offer you your desired umrah packages, specifically tailored for your family.

How are we different:

We have direct contacts with hotel companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It enables us to offer one of the cheapest umrah packages in UK.

We have year round flight blocks for busy umrah seasons. This ensures that you will get that flight in Easter break, Ramadan or December season when you don’t find it anywhere else.

If you read our blog and other sections of our website, you will see how professionally, we try to help brother and Sister Muslims with latest information. We are Alhamdo Lillah, one of the most knowledgeable guys in the industry.

With our ATOL and IATA certification, your trust is well placed.

Our agents not only sell you a package, but also stay with you after sales as well. We are one of the few companies, who would stay in touch with you even in Saudi and make sure everything is OK.

We have dedicated customer care line, which takes care of any and all problems that you may (if at all) face during or after booking procedure. The number is 0203 744 0051.

We can offer packages for any duration. Starting from a stop over package to a 7 days, 10 days or two weeks package, we can help you with maximum customization.

Our packages are, Alhamdo Lillah, seamlessly stitched. Our Reviews speak for themselves.

You can contact us for our cheap umrah deals in many ways:

Call us: 0203 743 8188

Email: info@umrahpackagesuk.co.uk

Fill a form to be called back.

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